Equality For All

We are missing the big picture, my lovely humans. We are all equal and should be entitled to equal rights. If we feel wronged, the way to win others over is not through violence or hate, it’s through togetherness and collective strength. If we open our minds and hearts to each other, we can begin to understand different views.This would enable us to fight for all human rights, not just for one group at the expense of others.

Issues of gender and race are worth thought and are due equal energy, but the larger issue is equality for ALL PEOPLE, not just some. Every group, race, religion, and person deserves respect and equal rights. We should be practicing each day to be fair and unprejudiced. We should open our minds on a consistent basis to others’ points of view. Close-mindedness and a false sense that some are better than others has gotten us to this point.

By leaving ourselves open to the topic of discrimination and tolerance of it, we are constantly thinking about it, creating a trigger response to it. No one is safe to say anything anymore for fear of being taken the wrong way or of hurting someone’s feelings. Diversity comes with challenges, but it doesn’t have to create a state of dissidence.

We should be fighting for the rights of all people, but somehow we have misplaced the energy, creating more segregation by fighting for groups’ rights, not just human rights. We are all in this together, my friends. Whatever organization you belong to, it is secondary to the larger group of humanity. It’s time to become passionate about getting along and to start focusing positive energy on solving collective problems. It is up to all of us to progress forward together with respect for our sameness, as well as our differences.