Let it Flow

Sometimes the desire to create is strong….and sometimes it’s not. I have learned through the years that you can push yourself only so hard. Writing, or any other creative outlet, needs inspiration and time. We have to recharge and re-energize, fueling our imaginations with much-needed rest and reprieve. A break is called for in all modes of life. We all have to remember that.

It is hard to give yourself time and space. We are taught as a society to burn the candle at both ends and go, go, go. But we are not made for a rushed existence. Caring for ourselves is an important part of the process.

We have ebbs and flows, like all elements of the planet. For instance, the ocean has times of peace and others of tumult. The waves have less power some days, but tremendous force other days. We observe, but rarely do we ask why the ocean can’t churn out perfectly powerful waves every day of the year. We should give ourselves and others that gift of being who we are each day instead of constantly expecting more and more.

Decide to let yourself give what you have to offer today, but don’t give too much of yourself. If you ride the wave instead of fighting it, the flow will be natural and it will feel right. Slow down and give your mind time to recharge. More inspiration and creativity come from meditation and achieving a natural rhythm than from forcing yourself to complete task after tedious task.

When you achieve your own balance, you will be your best at all things. You will tap into the power inside and will have quality to give. The natural order of your life will unfold and you will achieve peace of mind and a true sense of self.

So, when you are able, give yourself the space and time to relax. Life occurs one day at a time; don’t rush on through, just let the flow carry you along. And see how, naturally, you have much more to give.