Last Daydream

I long to be with you again. I hear the crash of the waves and feel the misty breeze on my face, envisioning the future I desire. I know that you are waiting there for me, under our palm tree, to embrace me in my darkest hour. I yearn for your touch and the soft brush of your lips against mine. I need you now like I never have before, and so I picture pulling you close and never letting you go.

The memories are too much at times. The screams were scathing as we deliberately hurt each other with vile words. To think of it makes my heart ache, but maybe it was for the best. Our love was too strong, and yet too weak to withstand life together. We went our separate ways and found new lives, moving past the hurt and the longing…eventually. Our old souls in young bodies must have realized that it never would have worked. Back then, our personal storms converged, making a mess that took time to clean up. But the impression on my heart was forever.

I’ve enjoyed a good life, so I can’t complain, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still ache for you. In these last days, yours is the face that I picture, your body the one I want to embrace. It bothers me to know that I never quite had you, that you really belonged to another. But, I can’t change the past now. It’s best to leave well enough alone.

Still, our memory is strong, and as I breathe my final breath, I whisper your name. Maybe in the next life, our souls will collide and I will find peace with you at last. Perhaps you’ll be waiting for me alone by our palm tree. In this dream, there is always hope.


Meet & Greet- Bucket List!

Stop by and share what’s on your bucket list with Niki and crew!

Welcome back for another weekend meet and greet! I had so much fun at the last one! Talking about what we wanted to be “when we grew up” there was so much engagement and interaction, ha…

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