From the Heart

When I was young, I endured a lot of trauma. I picked myself up time and again, knowing that I couldn’t let life get me down. I had many worries about life, but I had a positive soul and chose to let it shine through.

I got knocked around, literally and figuratively, until eventually I realized that I was too sensitive and felt too deeply for some people to handle me. I was accepting of all people and just wanted to be loved for who I was. Little did I know that the world had other plans for me.

After a troubled young-adult life, I realized that I had started to hide my true self. I was afraid because I was always being bullied, so I had created armor to protect myself. I didn’t wish ill on anyone and I couldn’t understand how people could torture someone who wished them nothing but love, and just wanted to be accepted. I turned a page and started to slowly come out of my shell again, shedding the armor piece by piece .

To this day, I struggle with letting people see the real me. I am a soft-hearted soul who only sees the best in people. In a world full of manipulators and connivers, I don’t really fit in. I’m missing those hard edges, but I became a great actress long ago and can show a hard side if put to the test.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know you tender-hearted beings are out there and I feel that here, in this blogosphere, I can let my guard down and truly admit that I am a flawed being who’s had a hard life. I want to share my experiences with those who care and can relate. This is a place where I don’t have to pretend and I’m glad that I can let the real me shine through.

Please reach out and share what experiences have shaped you. I’d love to hear from you.


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