Just Another Bad Day

Some days I’m not up to the task. It’s just too hard and life is too unkind. Should I continue to feel for my fellow human or realize that large numbers have turned against even themselves? Ultimately, I have to live my life the way I know how, with compassion, for myself and others. I have to look myself in the mirror and be my own best friend. But we all know our best friend is flawed, just like everyone else. So we do the best we can.

I try to maintain a positive attitude, but looking at the state of the world makes me miserable. Where will we be in ten years? Will our earth be salvageable, or will we have poisoned it through and through?

Growing up is inevitable, but life makes it hard to keep dreams alive. I don’t have the stomach to compete by survival alone. I don’t want to look at our politicians and our society and realize that many people are about furthering themselves in life and making more money. Why are most inclined to step on the backs of others to make it to the top?

I am depleted, but it’s not easy to feel otherwise. I don’t know how to fix an age-old problem that seems to get worse with time. Many people love, but a lot more people seem to be interested in self-gain above all else. Can’t they see that those aspirations will only lead to destruction of all we know?

Change needs to come. When I was young and full of hope I wanted to change the world, but I’m tired. Fighting to become my own person was hard enough, but to try to change the world requires far greater stamina than I have at this point. I am far from old, but after my lifetime of seeing destruction and experiencing pain, I feel that I have lived more than my share of years. Because there is strength in numbers and I know you care, I need your help.

I know this is just another bad day, but is it? My hope is that most people will continue to understand the pain that has been caused up until now and that the only way to right the wrongs already done is to band together and help each other solve the problems one by one. With over 7 billion people on the planet, togetherness is the best chance we’ve got. So, please, consider reaching out and lifting each other up instead of knocking down and rushing for the finish line…alone. We just can’t continue this way.


8 thoughts on “Just Another Bad Day

    1. I agree, thank you. The upside is that it usually gets better, and even if it doesn’t, that just gives us more to write about. Or maybe just the right space to get in touch with the emotion. Thank you for your thoughts!

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