In short, life

The steps we take are many,

Each hardship endured is torture,

The pain we feel raw and lasting.

Lives we lead may be lonely,

Loved ones leaving suddenly,

Chosen paths shifting constantly,

And yet, we endure.


Because our need to feel is overwhelming.


How to Slow Down Time ⌛️

Thank you for repeating the thoughts that are a mantra in my head. May we all do what you suggest…. and live happier lives!



“How did it get so late so soon?” ~Dr. Seuss

1. Live for now, not for later
We can only experience happiness in the present moment. Just because we are in the middle of a mundane project does not mean we cannot reflect on this fortunate opportunity to participate in the dance of life. Our moments are so fleeting. A day will pass so quickly, even when doing something we do not want to do. It is important to find something worth appreciating, especially during the moments we prefer to do without. Those are our moments too! With every heartbeat, we beat odds that are heavily stacked against us. Learn to love what you have to do. You will be much happier as you savor even more of your moments.

2. Visit social media, don’t live there
Ok, I will say it. We spend too much time on social media. Social media gives us a way to connect with people from…

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Sorry, Not into Celebrity Drama

The news is filled with the trivial comings and goings of celebrities. Even our presidential race has been such a huge media craze that I wonder how much of it has to do with politics and how much is just drama. I have always wondered what makes it interesting to delve so deeply into the personal lives of others. I don’t even wish to know the habits of my neighbors, let alone how celebrities spend their days.

What is the obsession with celebrity drama? I have tried to figure it out and have come up with a few things:

  • Perhaps people need something to distract them from their lives because they are not content where they are.
  • It’s possible that it is a common topic of conversation, and so, people need to keep tabs on celeb lives to be able to contribute at the water cooler.
  • Maybe it is just that the public wants to know how it is to live a life that they could only dream of having.
  • Celebrity lives are incredibly interesting and I’m missing out on a whole other aspect of social hierarchy.

Obviously I have not come up with the perfect answer, so I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts, or perhaps, why you like to keep up with the famous people of the world.

I am not judging celebrity fans, so please don’t take offense. I guess I am just content with my simple life and am not interested in having all the things that people in the limelight have. I love my own space, living a life that has meaning to me and the few I choose to spend time with. I don’t need more than love and companionship, and I especially don’t aspire to material wealth. That is just my perspective. Keeping up with the Jones’s is not what I do. But it sure is intriguing to see that so many people out there make a hobby out of watching what celebrities do.

Perhaps it’s all just a social experiment and I’m failing miserably! Feel free to fill me in 🙂

Equality For All

We are missing the big picture, my lovely humans. We are all equal and should be entitled to equal rights. If we feel wronged, the way to win others over is not through violence or hate, it’s through togetherness and collective strength. If we open our minds and hearts to each other, we can begin to understand different views.This would enable us to fight for all human rights, not just for one group at the expense of others.

Issues of gender and race are worth thought and are due equal energy, but the larger issue is equality for ALL PEOPLE, not just some. Every group, race, religion, and person deserves respect and equal rights. We should be practicing each day to be fair and unprejudiced. We should open our minds on a consistent basis to others’ points of view. Close-mindedness and a false sense that some are better than others has gotten us to this point.

By leaving ourselves open to the topic of discrimination and tolerance of it, we are constantly thinking about it, creating a trigger response to it. No one is safe to say anything anymore for fear of being taken the wrong way or of hurting someone’s feelings. Diversity comes with challenges, but it doesn’t have to create a state of dissidence.

We should be fighting for the rights of all people, but somehow we have misplaced the energy, creating more segregation by fighting for groups’ rights, not just human rights. We are all in this together, my friends. Whatever organization you belong to, it is secondary to the larger group of humanity. It’s time to become passionate about getting along and to start focusing positive energy on solving collective problems. It is up to all of us to progress forward together with respect for our sameness, as well as our differences.

From the Heart

When I was young, I endured a lot of trauma. I picked myself up time and again, knowing that I couldn’t let life get me down. I had many worries about life, but I had a positive soul and chose to let it shine through.

I got knocked around, literally and figuratively, until eventually I realized that I was too sensitive and felt too deeply for some people to handle me. I was accepting of all people and just wanted to be loved for who I was. Little did I know that the world had other plans for me.

After a troubled young-adult life, I realized that I had started to hide my true self. I was afraid because I was always being bullied, so I had created armor to protect myself. I didn’t wish ill on anyone and I couldn’t understand how people could torture someone who wished them nothing but love, and just wanted to be accepted. I turned a page and started to slowly come out of my shell again, shedding the armor piece by piece .

To this day, I struggle with letting people see the real me. I am a soft-hearted soul who only sees the best in people. In a world full of manipulators and connivers, I don’t really fit in. I’m missing those hard edges, but I became a great actress long ago and can show a hard side if put to the test.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know you tender-hearted beings are out there and I feel that here, in this blogosphere, I can let my guard down and truly admit that I am a flawed being who’s had a hard life. I want to share my experiences with those who care and can relate. This is a place where I don’t have to pretend and I’m glad that I can let the real me shine through.

Please reach out and share what experiences have shaped you. I’d love to hear from you.

Just Another Bad Day

Some days I’m not up to the task. It’s just too hard and life is too unkind. Should I continue to feel for my fellow human or realize that large numbers have turned against even themselves? Ultimately, I have to live my life the way I know how, with compassion, for myself and others. I have to look myself in the mirror and be my own best friend. But we all know our best friend is flawed, just like everyone else. So we do the best we can.

I try to maintain a positive attitude, but looking at the state of the world makes me miserable. Where will we be in ten years? Will our earth be salvageable, or will we have poisoned it through and through?

Growing up is inevitable, but life makes it hard to keep dreams alive. I don’t have the stomach to compete by survival alone. I don’t want to look at our politicians and our society and realize that many people are about furthering themselves in life and making more money. Why are most inclined to step on the backs of others to make it to the top?

I am depleted, but it’s not easy to feel otherwise. I don’t know how to fix an age-old problem that seems to get worse with time. Many people love, but a lot more people seem to be interested in self-gain above all else. Can’t they see that those aspirations will only lead to destruction of all we know?

Change needs to come. When I was young and full of hope I wanted to change the world, but I’m tired. Fighting to become my own person was hard enough, but to try to change the world requires far greater stamina than I have at this point. I am far from old, but after my lifetime of seeing destruction and experiencing pain, I feel that I have lived more than my share of years. Because there is strength in numbers and I know you care, I need your help.

I know this is just another bad day, but is it? My hope is that most people will continue to understand the pain that has been caused up until now and that the only way to right the wrongs already done is to band together and help each other solve the problems one by one. With over 7 billion people on the planet, togetherness is the best chance we’ve got. So, please, consider reaching out and lifting each other up instead of knocking down and rushing for the finish line…alone. We just can’t continue this way.